Monday, November 19, 2012

Letter #14: Dr Phil

Email sent to Dr Phil:

Dear Dr Phil’s Show That’s On At 10AM Here: I need to write to you about my sincere need to receive help from you for my innocent young child. I want my innocent child to have all that is best in the world of opinions and stores, including understanding global warming. I want this child to have all of the advantages that come from caring about racism, the environment, and Hillary Clinton, but I also want him or her to have the advantages that come from having stuff like iPads and baseball jerseys. This stuff that I’m saying is really important and sincere. Please point me to a book on tape that can help.

Also, can I have a poster of Dr. Phil lounging back on a couch as if he was the one who sincerely needed assistance from himself? Sort of like a hunter becomes the hunted type of motif?

Thank you for your time and posters.

[My Name]
[My Email Address]

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