Friday, February 20, 2009

Letter #11: Tyson Chicken

Tyson Foods, Inc.
P.O. Box 2020
Springdale, AR 72764-6999

Dear Tyson Chicken: Hello, I'm a chicken. Why do you eat me to death? Why do you cook me in your ovens and then make me your lunch of murder? Actually, what is an oven? I'm a chicken so I've never heard of that word.

Just kidding about being a chicken (for example, how could I type? or know the word "lunch"?). But I really am a human and I'm writing this letter to you. I was going to have a chicken for dinner tonight and I started to wonder if I could have a corporate Tyson poster or a signed picture of one of your corporate leaders, maybe sitting in a nice chair with a pen on his ear. I would like to put this poster or picture above my table. Please send me one if this can be arranged.

If it cannot be arrange, please consider not killing chickens in totally cruel and unspeakable ways anymore. Thank you.

[my name]
[my address]

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shannon taylor said...

ok, my google reader said that there was an unread message in "shooting for the stars" I couldn't remember what blog that was.... now I remember and I'm BUSTING UP!