Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Letter #1: Star Wars

P.O. Box 29901
San Francisco, CA 94129

Dear Star Wars: I really enjoyed your last three movies. I couldn't help thinking that you could have included more jumping, and possibly a little more stabbing. I liked listening to the short fella with the attitude, but the guy with the white pantsuit wasn't "believable" to me. He was all like, "Hey, look at me! I'm cool!" I just didn't buy it. As a viewer I wanted to know he was cool, not just be told. However, overall, I would give your movie an 8.5. Just a hint more stabbing could have pushed it to a 9. I just thought you might be interested in some feedback on your fine production. I would like a free poster of you if you have one.

Thank you.

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Verna said...

People should read this.